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To us, career mentoring is all about being mindful about one’s identity, capabilities and career aspirations. With a deep understanding about the emerging trends in education and workforce transition, we support you to identify the desirable path efficiently.

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Your Mentor @School

A structured and goal-oriented program that helps you to become career aware and career ready through a robust Social emotional learning curriculum delivered in partnership with the school.

Our experiential learning experts implement this blended learning model in varied formats to fit the academic structure and calendar of the school. We leverage our LMS to inform teachers, school leaders and parents about program outcomes achieved. Our interactive fun activities support students to acquire key life skills and tools needed to fulfil their career aspirations in the most exciting manner.

Power Mentoring Program

A short-term mentoring program to help you become the best version of who you are and find the most suitable career fit.

Our mentors urge you to think of success from a new perspective and begin working towards your evolving career path goals. We initiate a new awareness about who you are and consciousness about your strengths. A series of assessments and assignments lead you through the path of informed decision making. Prepare yourself for the jobs of the future while defining your personal vision and growth. Often this program is the beginning of a long association with us for most of our mentees.

Career Camps

We have managed to present the key benefits of our career mentoring programs in a power packed version for you - a boot camp.

The first step towards making a career choice is career awareness and knowledge about the self. Our camps enable this awareness almost instantaneously and present the career opportunities effectively to you. You can gain the big picture view and relevance of pursuing suitable paths in a meaningful manner through this. The impact of our career camps is very impressive/rewarding with a significant number of teens acknowledging that it has inculcated a profound sense of direction for their future.


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