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Our 1-4 year college prep programs offer personalized support and individual attention that helps you to achieve elevated career aspirations and a heightened sense of purpose.

While college entry planning is one of the outputs in this process, the larger outcome is inculcating a passion for personal excellence and an attitude of continuous learning. Working as a team with you and your family, our mentors ensure the best college fit for you. Our strategic approach to personal brand building leads you to ‘Embrace who you really are’ and to learn and grow as a person.

Design your future

A 3-4 year prep plan which is a fun exploration of your strengths, builds your personal brand, and enables personal growth.

The advantage of this program is starting early while in high school which presents opportunities to sufficiently delve into the career paths and activities that interest you. You can work on crafting your academic strategy early on and make the most of it!

Arise, Awake Achieve

A 1-2 year prep plan that builds new awareness of your abilities , accelerates your college readiness and lays the basis for a fruitful academic career.

We understand that the last two years of high school can be demanding and so, have designed this to keep pace with all your commitments and yet, do everything you need to for successful admissions.

Live your Dream

A 1 year prep program to help you realize your dreams of pursuing a Master’s level course by well framed professional career goals.

We believe the foundation for a successful career lies in careful planning and deeper experiences that solidify your passion in a field. We work with you to build these experiences and awaken the knowledge of where you belong.


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