The Teenr Circle is a community of academicians, professionals, peers and experts, supporting high school college students with opportunities to gain real world experience, to explore situable and relevant carrer paths.

Mentoring being a powerful tool from this community help our mentees to navigate through real-world experiences, supporting them to work through decisions regarding taking up the right career path.

Mentees can connect to networks and resources globally to engage and participate through both structured and asynchronous online conversations at any time, work on projects ,internships etc. to build independence and self-learning skills.

This allows mentees to:

  • Develop deeper and sustained interests in specific domains,

  • Define career aspirations and

  • Steer their way to best fit career choices

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Opportunity to be a part of global growing community of leaders, promoting the change you want to see

Work with young minds, encouraging Inter-disciplinary collaboration and experience

Impart new ideas, innovative thinking and insights to create a new level of career aware and ready students

Share your experiences to promote Inter-Generational wishdom among the mentees

How To Engage MENTEES?

why join as a MENTEE?

  • Skill building and Real-time experience
  • Application of learning and career path exploration
  • Networking and marketability
  • Building professionalism and understanding workplace culture
  • Gain a competitive edge and industry knowledge
  • Resume building and shaping personal value proposition
  • Getting Job-ready and enhancing career orientation