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We are passionate about enabling and igniting young minds to realize their true potential through personal mentoring.

1We Believe

Every individual is unique and can be empowered to create the best version of themselves.

2What we do

Influencing the world through intergenerational wisdom and equipping gen Z to re-imagine success.

We encourage young minds to explore, nurture talents and strengths, motivate them to upskill and lead them to succeed.

3What does Teenr mean

Teenr means being more of a teenager – being better, kinder, happier, smarter, sharper and a winner.

Who we are

  • Based in the US with team members all over the globe
  • Love working with Teens and Tweens
  • Passionate about social change
  • Enjoy transforming minds
  • Influence positive Parent-Teen dynamics
  • Shape dreams !

Our story

I wish I met you earlier while in high school… I don’t know why I am pursuing this course... I chose to do this because my friends and family suggested... I wanted to study Design but ended up in Metallurgy... I did not know which college was the best fit for me... I don’t know what I am good at... I am not sure if I can succeed..

Working with thousands of college students to imbibe an entrepreneurial mindset and listening to these thoughts always left us wanting to help them. We knew we had to start up and our venture was going to be transforming these teens to prepare them for life. Deliberating for long about taking the plunge ourselves after having preached entrepreneurship for 15 years, we did!

Q1So, what were we going to do?

Recognizing the need to have a method to this madness of making the right career choice and building college readiness, we came up with our holistic, person-centred approach for high-school kids. We also made it simpler, easy and customized to be most effective.

Q2Why would we do this best ?

It is a mix of our passion, exposure and experience in the higher education space. Our founder, Arthi's exposure to global education led her to motivate and mentor her son to pursue his undergraduate education in the US. Her personal experience of supporting his career choice, helping him to secure admission in a top university in the US with a great scholarship was a trigger to the idea and purpose of Teenr. It was reinforced by insights gained from working with academicians across the globe, visiting several universities, nuances discovered by interacting with many admission officers and industry specialists.

Convinced of the idea , she reached out to Sujaya to remind her of the numerous coffee break conversations about starting up on their own. This was their calling! Sujaya offered to support Arthi in a small way to realise her vision in revolutionizing college and career readiness. Little did Sujaya know that she would be lured into being the co-founder. Her experience in outreach for initiating educational programs in global academic communities was perfect to pursue this dream together. Soon, we had other motivated minds -Akhila, Anja, Selena, Hans, Sangeetha and Dina, who were as committed as us to work in the space of social and emotional development of teens, joining us in creating a positive impact.

More about us

Dr. Arthi Gerald


Dr. Arthi Gerald has over 20 years of experience in the higher education space and is passionate about experiential learning. For over a decade as part of a silicon valley based non-profit, she has worked with leading academicians from Institutes across the globe such as Stanford, Columbia University, London Business School and Babson to adopt their best practices in entrepreneurship education. She has designed and delivered several student Leadership Program and Mentor Development programs offered to thousands of students and faculty in global geographies.
Her deep understanding of the education system in developed as well as emerging economies makes it most relevant for helping students to pursue their dreams. Her focus on the parent-child connection has enabled many families to actively support their children to realize their potential. She holds a Ph.D. in Management and is certified by Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Educators Course and London Business School s Tools for Growth Mentor Program.

Sujaya has over 30 years of experience across roles as a Career mentor, Entrepreneurship educator and Startup mentor. She is zealous about working with students to develop life skills, helping them set realistic academic and career goals with systematic plans. She has counselled several students and their parents on personal issues affecting academic performance. She believes in relationship management and that being a positive influencer is key to success. She also feels that experiential learning enables students to build critical thinking skills that help them stand out in a crowd .
Sujaya has engaged with faculty and student audiences across several institutions across the globe through workshops and seminars to build capacity in the areas of entrepreneurship, soft skills and leadership. Sujaya is certified by Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Educators Course, London Business School s Tools for Growth Mentor program and is an entrepreneurship coach.

Sujaya Rao


Anja Carron

Social Impact
Leadership Mentor

As an original thinker and compassionate global citizen, Anja founded Theia International to enable young people opportunities to develop the mindset needed for creating a sustainable, harmonious, difference in our globalized society. She feels it is imperative for youth to re-connect with nature and tradition in order to re-imagine current systems and develop human-centered innovations. Through Theia's programs Anja inspires and enables the leaders of tomorrow by sending them out into uncharted territories of new ideas and insane potential through a blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Global Citizenship Education and Environmental Education.
Anja has worked at the crossroads between the capital market and non-profit sector, health care/education, new technologies/design, ecology and sustainability. She is one of the G100 Global League of Women Leaders, while also being a renowned lawyer, award winning campaigner and branding strategist. She has lived and worked in Europe, China, Latin America, Africa and India.

Hans has spent the last 15 years helping students find their right college fit, athletes play college sports, and parents save thousands on college costs. He is the founder of CollegeLogic which provides students, athletes, and parents with the guidance they need to navigate the complex college process. Hans is an accomplished author, speaker, mentor, and expert advisor who has worked with hundreds of students and athletes globally.
He helps families across America and abroad get college right, win college admissions, earn scholarships, choose the right majors and strategize career development. He believes that the key to finding the right college is to be proactively involved in the process rooted in knowledge and with a holistic approach focusing on career development. Author of ‘Dissecting the Big Business of College’ and ‘The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports’, he brings in novel perspectives about choosing the right college and making college education affordable. He provides the playbook to seek and fund a college education efficiently. Focused on helping students realize their dreams, Hans takes great joy in the college success of his students and athletes.

Hans J. Hanson

College Entry Strategy Advisor

Sangeetha Siddheswaran

Student Success Program Head

Sangeetha comes with 20 years of experience and is a dynamic mentor, trainer, and entrepreneur. She is a reservoir of college-related information and a practitioner of holistic education. She has worked with leading organizations including Reliance Insurance, JP Morgan Chase, Axa Financials and Airtel.
Sangeetha took the lesser trodden path by pioneering and promoting Squash in a small town by setting up Altius Squash Academy. She recruited coaches from UK, Malaysia and Pakistan to ensure grass-roots talent could access the best coaching for a lesser-known game. An innovative thinker, she has created customized learning experiences working with teachers of The Valley School, Bengaluru to provide unconventional education covering carpentry, weaving, and herpetology at her academy. She has mentored and motivated young girls in rural areas to pursue education and professional career paths. With an ever-expanding resourceful network, Sangeetha is determined to support our students to help them realize their full potential.

Akhila is a Researcher, Educator and Counsellor and Therapist, working with children, adolescents, and adults in the area of mental and emotional well-being, with close to 13 years of collective experience. She has a passion and keen interest in working with children, particularly in the areas of emotional intelligence and thinking skills. She was involved in the design and implementation of whole-school intervention programs focusing on the emotional, physical and sexual safety of children.
Akhila played a key role in developing the Indian Social-Emotional Learning Framework (I-SELF)- a framework that facilitates the social-emotional development of children and adolescents, at The Teacher Foundation. Currently, she is involved in a research project for developing an India Glossary of Life Skills for adolescents, with accompanying assessments, in the age group of 11-18 years, as part of the Life Skills Collaborative, with four State Governments.

Akhila Doraswamy

Learning Environment

Dr. Selena Fisk

Student Impact
Data Strategist

Dr. Selena Fisk has 18 years of experience in education including leadership roles in student performance, social justice, teaching, academic leadership, whole-school curriculum and pedagogy, in Australia and in the UK. Following completion of her doctoral thesis in students perceptions on feedback in 2017, Selena began her data consultancy practice, Aasha for Schools. In this role, Selena works with schools, leaders and regions to help educators develop data-informed strategies that cultivate flourishing learning communities.
She ensures students are the center of all data conversations, and that educators move through the data literacy and visualization stages to the most important step of all - data storytelling. She believes that educators have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of young people, contributing to the development of a more just and equitable world. Her book Using and Analysing Data in Australian Schools: Why, How and What was published by Hawker Brownlow Education; and is a recipient of ACEL’s New Voice Scholarship.

Dina Mottiez, from Geneva, Switzerland has been a passionate high school teacher for over 9 years, teaching French literature and media sociology to students aged 16 to 20. Dina has three master degrees-Communication and Media, French literature and Pedagogy. Concerned about the success of her students and the difficulty to provide individual support to each of them, she sought an alternative to academic teaching and began to take a close interest in academic support and individual support.
She believes that the educator-student relationship is above all a relationship between two human beings who must trust each other so that the transmission of knowledge takes place at best. With the focus on setting up a universe that promotes social emotional learning she founded Bulbee in December 2015. With this application Dina, accompanied by a team of enthusiasts, has been successful in creating a community of people who are interested in teaching and connecting them to individual learners; for Bulbee allows anyone interested in teaching to offer their services.

Dina Mottiez

Personalised Learning
Solutions Expert

Uma Senthil

Academic Advisor & Mentor

Uma has three decades of experience in technology and education. She has closely worked with students, teachers and parents through her organization - Creative Learning, that offered on-campus enrichment programs in a public school in the Bay Area. She and her team helped students improve their academic performance, prepared them for standardized tests, and conducted extracurricular activities. Uma is a personalized learning expert and practitioner who adopted differentiated instruction to support children across grade levels to help build their reading comprehension and mathematical abilities. A long-time resident of the silicon-valley, she has in-depth knowledge about the California University System and experience in preparing high school students to fulfill college curriculum and course credit requirements. She is passionate about helping children realize their academic potential.
Uma was inspired to work in the education space by her experiences of enabling her own children and several others in her community to pursue their college goals. Before pursuing her dream of working with kids, Uma as worked as a Business Analyst in various technology companies including AMD. She holds an MBA in Marketing.

We have been there and done that.

We are a group of educationists and parents who have been through the organic journey of mentoring and preparing children for life. We started Teenr with the intention of sharing our knowledge and personal experiences, making it easy for other parents and educators who are traversing the same path.

Committed to providing enriching experiences enhanced by the power of mentoring !!

We are always thinking about shaping your future, together

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